Couples/Marriage Counseling
Individual Counseling


 Therapy is  about telling the truth. Listening for it, discovering it, and  acknowledging it all in the presence of someone who makes it possible  because of trust. It's also about creating something new in our lives,  with guidance and encouragement. Over the last 25 years, mental health  studies consistently reveal that the most significant factor in  successful outcomes is the alliance between the therapist and client.  Often, the practitioner's credentials, methodology, or theoretical  framework are secondary. What is most important is this:  When you are  ready to begin exploring your truth,  and using that information towards  growth and change, it should be in the presence of someone you trust.  Someone who will walk the path with you, asking the questions that guide  the way. Someone who sees your strengths, and who can create new hope. I  provide couples counseling, teen therapy, family counseling and  individual therapy with a calm, interactive style.  My clients often  say, “I knew right away that I could talk to you.” I am warm and  supportive, with a sense of humor. I balance strong intuition with sharp  critical thinking skills.   Call for an appointment, and if I am the  right therapist for you, I’ll look forward to our work together.

**Medicare Accepted

Our Therapy

Couples Counseling / Marriage Counseling

 Couples  counseling is a primary focus and interest of my practice. I provide  respectful, practical help by listening to your needs and teaching you  how to move through the problem, learning better ways to communicate  with one another.

Everyone encounters difficulty at times in  their most intimate relationships. Whatever the problem I will approach  you and your unique situation with respect and reassurance that you are  not alone in the situation. There is often a great deal of hope with the  right guidance and help. 

Individual Counseling


  • Therapy for Depression and Anxiety
  • Family Counseling
  • Parenting Support​
  • ​College Transition issues
  • Grief Counseling
  • Work and Career issues
  • Communication Issues
  • Stress Management
  • Relationship Counseling
  • Conflict Resolution

 I combine sharp clinical skills with a sense of humor and tremendous  respect for everything human, which covers all of it and all of us. I'm  "easy to talk to" and in a warm, supportive setting, I personalize  my approach to meet your needs and help you attain lasting and  meaningful results. I welcome your call to set up an initial  appointment.